Thanks for completing our ‘Bad Egg’ Cost Calculator. We’d love to support and guide you in making the right recruitment choices – using best practice, tools and techniques to prevent hiring that bad egg again. In the meantime - i bet you're keen to understand the breakdown of the hidden costs of hiring that bad egg, so let's check that out:

  Your Hidden Cost Report

Hiring great people can be tough, especially when you add up all of the hidden costs of getting it wrong. We get it, it's easy to make a bad hire. Surprisingly easy, in fact: problem is if you've done it once, how do you know next time will be better? And how can you be sure you won't make another one in the future?

Your journey with JOYN starts here. Click on the button above to download your bespoke Hidden Costs Report, detailing how the number was reached, plus some essential tips and resources to make sure you can avoid making the same mistakes again in the future. 

Happy reading and chat soon,

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